Standard House Cleaning Services

Your most requested service. Standard house cleaning whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly is where our experienced and professional cleaners excel.
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Professional Residential Home Cleaning

Find out what to expect from our regular cleaning services whether you’re looking for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service.


Our most frequent service, for the highest level of cleanliness for hard working professionals. We’ll take over your house cleaning tasks so you can focus on other things.

Every Other Week (Most Popular)

An excellent value for you and your family looking for cleaning help. Our bi-weekly option is our most popular service.

Once a month

After our initial cleaning we’ll come back once a month to maintain an elevated level of cleanliness for your home. 

Did you know?

You can save up to 20% off regular cleaning services with weekly cleans?

After your Initial One Time Cleaning your next appointment can be up to..


All Rooms


Ceiling fans included, we will dust ever spot in reach.


Vacuuming, mopping, and sweeping of all your floors and rugs.

Glass Doors

Fingerprint and smudge removal on all glass doors.

Tidy Up

We will make your beds with available linens and do our best to tidy up your home as we clean.

Trash Removal

We will take out the trash and reline garbage cans if trashbags are available.


Clean the Outside of all of your appliances.

Clean and Sanitize

We will clean and sanitize all surfaces of your home.

Cobweb Removal

We will remove all cobwebs from walls, ceilings, and fixtures.

Window Sills

We will hand wipe all window sills.


Sweep and Mop

Sweep and mop your kitchen floor. 

Counter Tops

Hand wipe and clean all counter tops and surfaces. 


We will clean the inside and outside of your microwave.


Sweep and mop your kitchen floor.

Outside Cabinets

Hand wipe and clean outside of all cabinets.

Small APpliances

Hand wipe small appliances and other items on counter tops.



Clean and sanitize shower and tub.


Clean and sanitize bathroom sink and faucets.


Clean and sanitize toilets.

Tidy Up

We will clean under and around bathroom amenities and do our best to make your bathrooms look and feel clean.

Sweep and Mop

Sweep and mop all bathroom floors and behind toilets.

Extras Available

+ Wipe Baseboards

+ Deep Cleaning

+ Inside Oven

+ Inside Fridge

+ Cleaning Dishes

+ Laundry

+ Sweep Garage / Remove Cobwebs

Enjoy a Familiar Cleaning Team

You don’t want new people inside your home every two weeks and we don’t either.

We’ll send you the same team of maids each week. If you want to try a new team or stick with the same one that’s all fine by us, just let us know.

We do our best to send the same cleaning team for each visit but we also understand someone may be sick or unavailable. To give you the best home cleaning service we will get in touch with you to confirm the cleaning, or if you’d prefer we can reschedule with your usual team.

“So.. How do I book a recurring house cleaning?”

It’s super easy. Just select weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly on our booking page and we’ll do the rest.


You want more cleaned, we’re offering these additional services.

Inside the Oven ($20)
Inside Cabinets ($25)
Cleaning Dishes ($15)
Laundry per load ($15)
Inside Windows ($25)
Inside the Fridge ($20)

If you would like any of the above extra’s make sure you select them on the booking page.