Deep House Cleaning Services

Our Deep Clean is great for a first time home cleaning or if you're needing more of Pocket Maids power.
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A Professional Deep Clean

Have you ‘forgot’ to clean your home or apartment the last couple months? Maybe you’ve been busy with work or family. No matter, we’re here to help. Our deep clean was created specifically for when sweeping, dusting, and wiping just isn’t enough.

Our deep clean can be found as an ‘Extra’ on our booking page. After you’ve selected your home size just select Deep Clean and any other extras you may feel you need.

To see what a deep clean can bring you beyond our standard clean please check out our services page here.

When to Book a Deep Clean

We don’t require you to book a Deep Clean for your first appointment but it’s highly recommended! If this is your first time hiring a maid service or you haven’t cleaned in 4-6 weeks definitely consider this option. 

We’ll hit all of the same areas a standard clean but some times bathrooms and kitchens take a little extra elbow grease. A Deep Clean includes a lot of hard scrubbing time for those pesky stains.

Providing Access for your Maid Team


We’ve provided four easy to select from options on our booking form for you to choose from. We recommend to be  home for your first clean so you can meet the team and familiarize yourself with them.

“So.. How do I book a deep cleaning?”

It’s super easy. Check out our easy to use booking form online to schedule, reschedule, or cancel an appointment.


We have plenty of options when your home needs a little extra love.

Inside the Oven ($20)
Inside Cabinets ($25)
Cleaning Dishes ($15)
Laundry per load ($15)
Inside Windows ($25)
Inside the Fridge ($20)

If you would like any of the above extra’s make sure you select them on the booking page.