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“Are You The Cheapest Option For Cleaning?”

No! You might want to check out Craigslist. We advertise on there too and regularly see people quoting almost half our price. Don’t be surprised who might show up to your door.

You’re looking for hassle-free, reliable, and experienced professional cleaners. Not only do we hire the best cleaning women and men but we hire people who love cleaning. Our teams are paid above average wages and are treated as professionals. In turn they go above and beyond for you!

Want to see our full pricing table? Click Here. You can also find all prices and service options on our booking form.

Subscription Based Services

Looking for a regular cleaner? We can do that, and we offer some pretty great discounts.

Monthly (10% off)
Bi-weekly (15% off)
Weekly (20% off)

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Standard Clean

Bed Room

  • Lighting fixtures
  • Change bedding2 & make beds
  • Vents
  • Tidy area
  • Fans1
  • Shelves
  • Blinds1

Before We Leave

  • Straighten up
  • Empty trash & replace liners
  • Turn off lights 
  • Offer walk-through (if requested)


  • Dry mopping
  • Wet mopping
  • Wall behind stovetop
  • Stovetop
  • Toaster (inside & out)
  • Microwave (inside & out)
  • Kitchen sink
  • Kitchen counters
  • Kitchen cabinets1 (exterior)
  • Refrigerator (exterior, including top1)
  • Table tops
  • Wipe down baseboards
  • Kitchen Cabinets (inside)
  • Heavy scrub Stovetop

    Bath Room

    • Bathroom counters
    • Bathroom shelves (exterior)
    • Shower door
    • Shower caddy/ soap dish
    • Bathroom mirror
    • Trash cans (exterior)
    • Bathtub/shower
    • Bathroom tiles
    • Bathroom sinks
    • Heavy scrub of bathtub/shower
    • Heavy scrub of bathroom tiles
    • Heavy scrub of bathroom sinks
    • Bathroom Cabinets (inside)

      Dust and Wipe All Areas

      • Remove Cobwebs
      • Vacuum
      • Mop
      • Window sills
      • Trash cans (exterior)
      • Door frames
      • Picture frames
      • Tables & chairs
      • TV & other monitors (not screens)
      • Stain removal
      • Trashcans (inside & out)
      • Shelves
      • Blinds1


      • Inside Oven (+$20)
      • Inside Refrigerator (+$20)
      • Inside Cabinets (+$25)
      • Load of Laundry / Bedsheets (+$15/load)
      • Cleaning Dishes (+$15)

      1. Must have accessibility, we can not climb above what a standard step stool can reach due to regulations.

      2. Fresh bedding must be left out.

      “Alright cool, that’s a lot of information. Which package do I need?”


      Standard Cleaning: If you want a professional to come in and give your home a better cleaning. Our prices are flat-rate and include all essential areas of your home. 

      Deep CleaningStains in your bathtub? Haven’t cleaned your oven in a while? Maybe it’s been a couple months since you’ve cleaned due to how busy you’ve been. A Deep Cleaning gives our teams enough time to give your home the attention it deserves. Your home will shine!

      Move In/Move OutYour home may never be brand new again, but we’ll get it as close as possible. If you’re moving into a new home or getting ready to put your’s on the market we’ll get your home ready. We can also help you retrieve your deposit from your landlord by providing a certificate of professional cleaning. We will check every corner for dirt, and make your home showroom ready.

      Hourly: Hourly cleanings are the best choice when our other package’s don’t fit your needs. Want your baseboards and cabinet’s cleaned? How about cleaning your work area or child’s playroom? You can provide specific direction to the cleaning teams on what you would like accomplished. You pick the size of your cleaning team and number of hours and they’ll do as much as possible within that time frame.

      “What about extra fee’s or unforeseen costs after you’ve arrived?”

      Well, there aren’t any! The price you see on the booking page is the only price you’ll pay. We’ll never charge extra. If your home needs extra love we’ll call and let you know. 

      “So.. How do I book a cleaning?”

      It’s super easy. Check out our easy to use booking form online to schedule, reschedule, or cancel an appointment. You’re also welcome to call or use our contact page.