Daily Cleaning Checklist

The thing about cleaning is..

The more you do it, the less of it there is to do! If you have a system of cleaning your home a little bit as you go, eventually there won’t be those days where you spend ALL DAY cleaning. There’s few people out there who love to clean (and we’ve hired a lot of them) but most of us would prefer to spend the least amount of time possible dusting, sweeping, and scrubbing.

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Create your own list

Use our checklist as a guide. Swap the days around, narrow the list, add more to Monday! Whatever it is find something that works for you and that you can manage. A schedule can help keep you honest when motivation fails. 

Print your checklist

Consider printing out our checklist and sticking it to your fridge. Get it laminated so you can checkmark boxes and start again next week. Before you know it you’ll be keeping your home clean without having to refer back to our checklist.


And don’t forget to share your new checklist with all of your friends!